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National Attorney based in Broward County, Florida

Kara Stachel, Esq. is the national attorney for Broward County, Florida clients and beyond who brings a versatile background of legal training and experience. People and businesses need representation by someone whose passion for the client’s best interests motivates their continued success. Ms. Stachel is such a lawyer, assisting clients in Palm Beach, Miami, Broward County, Florida as an attorney who acts as their biggest advocate.

Call Kara Stachel, Esq. for Legal Assistance

Ms. Stachel’s practice is located in Fort Lauderdale and serves clients throughout Broward County, Florida. If your legal needs fall into any of the categories of this page, don’t hesitate to schedule a meeting, or give us a call today. You can count on competitive pricing for services and sharp attention to detail on all cases.

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