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South Florida and Pittsburgh Probate Law Attorneys

Stachel Law Planning, PLLC works with agents, executors, and trustees to distribute assets acquired after a death, while also maintaining the relationship with clients to assist with on-going custody, stewardship, and asset management. To discuss your probate law matter with an attorney at Stachel Law Planning, PLLC, contact us today at 754-223-1125 .

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Post-Mortem Administration

The firm offers a wide variety of post-mortem administration needs, including, but not limited to:

  • Estate Administration Services
  • Probate of Last Will and Testament
  • Qualification of Executor or Administrator
  • Payment of Decedent’s Final Debts and Expenses
  • Maintenance of Records and Reports to Beneficiaries
  • Trust Administration Services
  • Payment of Decedent’s Debts, Taxes, and Expenses
  • Distribution of Trust Assets to Named Beneficiaries.

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